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Breathe - J Appiah mp3

About "Breathe"

Eerie beautiful strings foreshadow the dark bass hook. ‘Breathe’ is minimalist - claustrophobic even - but driven along by its fierce tunnelling groove. J’s stacked vocals give the song much of its atmosphere, recalling the playful vocal production style of Kanye West’s work in its demonstration that the best instrument is the human voice.

Lyrically, ‘Breathe’ outlines the struggle not to not fragment under the multitude of stresses that life brings. Through its slick writing and the raw emotiveness of J’s performance, ‘Breathe’ is Appiah pushing his singer/songwriter skillset.

Ever more timely at this stage in the pandemic, a track we can all find a connection too - a reminder to take a minute and Breathe.

Release Date: 15-10-2021

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Lyrics by J Appiah

Produced by Hugh Fothergill & J Appiah

Mix & Master by Alex Evans

Artwork by Thomas Greenwood