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With its rumbling bass and tight, thunderclap groove, J Appiah’s new single ‘Where’s Your Heart Gone’ foreshadows its own heady climax from the outset. The verses chronicle the near-collapse of a relationship - “crying out for me to change / I’m begging you to do the same” - but by the time the sky-kissing chorus drops, J switches position, from powerless to empowered, as he asks his interlocutor a simple question: “Where’s your heart gone?”

The first verse establishes ‘Where’s Your Heart Gone’ as a soul song poised on the verge of a climax. Then the sky-kissing swing of its bluesy gospel chorus seals the tinderbox energy of rock n’ roll onto a J Appiah record. 

J’s haunting vocal lines burrow subdermally, as he chronicles the pangs of guilt and conscience in our relationships and in our broader lives. It’s about accepting responsibility for our wrongdoings, but when delivered in the format of a pop song the irony is not lost. It’s a cycle that will come back round eventually and crescendo, like the explosive refrain. 

‘Where’s Your Heart Gone’ follows a spate of post-lockdown musical activity from J Appiah. In the summer he released ‘Bitter X Sweet’ with a video directed by SXSW Grand Jury Prize winner Mitch Kalisa. He followed it with ‘Breathe’ in October. All three of his latest releases examine feelings of alienation and self-deception.  

In our relationships and in our lives it can be hard to maintain the fiction that we’re happy; all too often we don’t even know it’s a fiction. When the penny finally drops it’s scary—explosive even—as J’s new music conveys, but it’s that moment that paves the way for our reinvention. 

Release Date: 24-11-2021

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Lyrics by J Appiah

Produced by Hugh Fothergill & J Appiah

Mix by Alex Evans

Mater by Stuart Hawkes

Artwork by Thomas Greenwood & Tim Cole

“Inspired by a relationship, it’s a question I ask myself when I know I’ve done something wrong. I think everybody does.” J Appiah