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BiQo | Pot Of Beans

by BiQo

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Release Date: 06-06-2019

BiQo’s soul-stirring new single ‘Pot of Beans’, out [date], is a musical balm for ailing spirits.

“‘Pot of Beans’ is song about building resilience. In it I sought to preach that just life can be totally beautiful today and terrible the next day, but through it all you need to be resilient and know that it’s just how it goes.”

About Pot of Beans

“Life just be a pot of beans chale” sings BiQo as he offers us a homely metaphor for the sweltering grind of life. The choice of image reflects both BiQo’s pared-down music and his Ghanaian background. Simmering in warmth and colour, it invites us to momentarily forget our worries and break bread with him. It’s a message that transcends borders; everyone in every place has felt like BiQo, and it’s this recognition combined with BiQo’s poetic idiolect that makes ‘Pot of Beans’ so heartwarming. “Don’t you ever lose vim / My brother just keep moving / Resilience is all that you need,” he sings somewhere under a Ghanaian sky. His message urges us into tomorrow with the renewed faith that no matter how bad things look now they won’t look so bad tomorrow, and no matter how much our worries take us outside of ourselves, if we keep at it, we will again find inside of us somewhere that feels like home. 

About BiQo

Stephen Sackitey Okletey (stage name BiQo) is a twenty-four-year-old soul singer who recently graduated from the University of Ghana Business school. Finding his love for music at a very young age he has been pursuing it ever since. BiQo believes that music can change the way the world looks at life, and this belief is core to his set of values as an artist. His first industry steps were taken when he joined a music group in Senior High School; he went on to win a ‘Best Vocalist’ award. From there he represented Ghana at the MTN Project Fame West Africa in Nigeria in 2015 before playing at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in 2016. BiQo describes his music as mostly afro soul, but he is an intrepid explorer of genres from both hemispheres. Currently he’s worked with many high profile producers and artists in Ghana and Nigeria, including Kojo Antwi, Kwame Yeboah, Peweezel, Liquidbeatz, Kobi Onyame (U.K.) and Adekunle Gold (Nigeria). He has recently released his EP As We Blossom and Wither, which has been acclaimed worldwide. ‘Pot of Beans’ is taken from it, and it is the distillation of all that is positive about BiQo’s personal and musical philosophy. 

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