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Øbed | Walls

by Øbed

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Release Date: 24-01-2021

Load up the tool
One two three four

Unexpected, you would not see it coming. The human brain may be focused on one thing but the heart may have other plans. ‘Walls’, Øbed’s third single carries a simple and yet sometimes very complex truth; you can’t hide from love (echoing from the great Earth Wind and Fire). The artist is back serving melodies over slick guitar riffs ,lush chord changes and heavy drums. Øbed likens the sudden nature of catching feelings to a bank heist through out the first verse while also assuring the victims of the robbery (those who catch the feels) that it will all work out. The concept of the heist, violence and chaos runs through the second verse as it opens it up with the lyrics “ready go, shoot up”.

Øbed’s ‘Walls’ is a collective effort with friends, Seyyoh and Jun Wei Funk who both deliver stellar performances.
This three plus minute song builds up anticipation for what the Superjazzclub member is about to do next.

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